Hello Dear Friends of Abel,

Truly we’re in an unprecedented time in the pro-life movement with the right decision of the SCOTUS to overturn Roe V Wade. We are so grateful for your continuous prayers, financial and logistical support of the mission of Abel PRC to empower women and men to make educated and informed decisions concerning pregnancy. We’re hopeful for the future and look forward to continuing our work to love women and men where they’re at in life, and additionally, to do even more to walk with them with empathy, resources and support as they face their unique challenges.

We are full on open to clients for all our services. We’re an organization which offers 100% free pregnancy testing, limited obstetric ultrasound exams, STD testing and the Earn While You Learn Program. We offer a safe, confidential environment for clients who are both happy moms and dads, as well as women and men who are concerned with their circumstances in light of an unplanned pregnancy.

We do not coerce, torture, manipulate or lie to our clients, in fact we do exactly the opposite. The pro-death industry has no truth and no foundation to stand on, so the only thing they have left are lies. Our prayer for them is a revelation from God for the truth of the gospel and the love Jesus has for them, amen.

In Christ,
Matthew Schaetzle (Executive Director)

201 Sylvia Lane • Bluefield, WV
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Thank you for taking the time to become more familiar with the Abel Pregnancy Resource Center ministry. We exist because somewhere in our community there is a woman facing an unintended pregnancy that is in need of caring support.