Upcoming Events

Liaison Connects in 2019

We’d like to get together throughout the year with our Liaisons - those we call upon to promote our special events to their church, business, club or group. During out time together, we will give Abel PRC updates and discuss together how we can work to strengthen the relationship between our supporting churches/groups and the pregnancy center ministry. A liaison is our go-to person within an organization, church, business or club, that we can pass information from the Abel PRC through to its membership. Let us know if you have interest in serving as an Abel PRC Liaison.

Next Liaison Connect: Spring 2019...more details to come

Pregnancy Decision Coaching Volunteer Training

If you are interested in ministering to women who come to the center for services, then please call the center and let us know.

  • We are currently in need of receptionists, pregnancy decision coaches and helpline specialists.

Our volunteer training is ongoing. Call 304.325.2000 for more info.

Post-Abortion Pain and Hurt is Real

One of our staff members had the opportunity to hear Chandra Jarrett share her story of abortion pain and how God set her free from over twenty-five years of sickness, depression and crying caused by her two abortions.  She writes about this journey in her book, What I Wish I Knew About Abortion.  “I was emotionally paralyzed grieving the loss of my child.  Sadness was quickly joined by sickness as my body began to exhibit signs of trauma...Life was not perfect before my abortion but I enjoyed it...After my abortion, I was not a happy person.  I was angry, sad, and afraid that God would never forgive me.  I felt like I had failed as a student, as a mother, and as a Christian.  I changed so much after my abortion that I could barely recognize myself, yet I didn’t know how to change back to the person I was.  I would soon learn abortion changed me never to be the same again...I was functionally depressed, simply going through the motions of life...I avoided people as much as possible, hoping no one could see the shame, the pain and regret.  I was convinced God would never forgive me for taking the life of my children and I lived as if I had died with them...In time, I would receive forgiveness and healing from Christ in a post-abortion recovery group.”         

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain or hurt from a past abortion, we believe that through Jesus Christ, freedom and healing is possible.  Please message, text or call us and ask about our Save One abortion-recovery Bible study.  We know that it may take courage to reach out but we hope you will.  We want to help.