Community Impact

Smiling Young Woman in BlueSince opening our doors in 1994, we have served 3,251 first time clients. Many of these clients have returned to the center for on-going services. Therefore, over the last twenty-four years, there have been 9,472 total number of client visits to the center.

The Center impacts people from the community in a variety of different ways: toward the end of last year, a woman saw one of our events advertised on WVVA and showed up to financially support the Center because of how much she appreciated the encouragement she received for herself and her children over twenty years ago; another woman contacted us about volunteering because she appreciated the support and encouragement she received that enabled her to continue her pregnancy. Now she wants to come alongside other women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy and offer them the same support and encouragement that she once received; then there are those who have told us that the reason why they are so passionate about supporting the Center is because of a precious little life that is now in their family that otherwise would not be there.abel

Here are a couple of stories that are representative of many others which reveal the impact that the Abel Pregnancy Resource Center is having on the lives of real people throughout our community... Ashley (name changed to protect privacy) called the pregnancy center to make an appointment for a pregnancy test and to talk about her pregnancy options. She was undecided about whether to continue her pregnancy or have an abortion. One of our staff members scheduled her within a couple of days.

On the day of her appointment, Ashley received a pregnancy test which showed positive and welcomed an opportunity to consult about her situation with one of our patient advocates and nurses. Our staff was soon to be surprised by what Ashley was about to tell them. During the conversation that ensued, Ashley shared that before coming for her appointment, she had gone onto our website and watched the video, Abortion or Baby: Before You Decide. She said that after watching the video on the website, she couldn’t have an abortion. As a result of making a decision to continue her pregnancy, she was now interested in enrolling in the Earn While You Learn educational program to prepare for motherhood. We are so thankful to God for giving us an online presence that is making a difference in the decisions women are making for themselves and their unborn babies.

A client in her own words...Smiling Young Woman snuggling baby

My experience at the Abel Center has been amazing. I always look forward to my visits as I have since the beginning. I came to the Abel Center because I could not get into a doctor at that point in my pregnancy. At my second appointment, I was able to receive an ultrasound and speak to the nurse. My mind was a little more at ease after we were able to check on my baby.

Everyone has been so nice and involved in everything I have gone through during my time here. The staff helped make sure my daughter received everything she would need which helped me tremendously. There were times I couldn’t make appointments and had to reschedule. The staff would always call to check on my daughter and me. They were very involved. Every lesson helped me be much more prepared. I was able to ask questions if I had any, and if one could not answer they would bring someone in that could.

The center offered a birthing class with a doula. If it wasn’t for that, I would have been a lot more scared during birth. The instructor taught us techniques to keep calm and what to expect. Everyone has watched my daughter grow with me. The staff has helped me stay positive with certain situations in my life.

The environment is extremely relaxing and calming which made things a lot more comfortable. I was able to work with each of the staff members and I have no complaints. I enjoyed being able to interact with all of them. At one point, I started having my appointments on certain days so I could have the same staff member each visit. I think that helped my comfort level. That made it easier to fill my client advocate in on the latest happenings in my life. I suggest to anyone to enroll in the Earn While You Learn program. Or, if you need someone to speak to about any concerns you are having, the staff is always ready to listen.