What our clients are saying about the care they receive...

In 2017, ninety-nine percent of our first-time clients rated their overall experience as good to excellent. In response to the question, "Would you recommend the center to a friend facing similar circumstances as you?" 100% of our first-time clients say that they would strongly recommend it.

Here are some of their comments...027 sq

"Thanks for being so helpful, comforting and non-judgmental toward me and my “concerns;""
"Loved being able to just talk"
"This is an amazing thing you women do here. I had no idea this was even here"
"I love the fact that this is a faith based center, so happy I came"
"Very good job and amazing at listening to what I talked about"
"I have very rarely felt more comfortable in other places"
"Very friendly, educational, helpful and respectful"
"I felt as though everyone went over all that I needed to know and were very understanding of my needs"

Choices for Life... Heather and Jessica (not their real names) came to the Center on different days for medical services to find out if they were pregnant. Their tests were positive and one elected ultrasound confirmation. Due to relationship issues and circumstances, both patients thought that abortion was their only choice. Our staff spent considerable time with Heather and Jessica, getting to know them, listening to their concerns, sharing accurate information and pointing out the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of choosing abortion. After they left the center, our prayer partners continued to pray for them. Both young ladies decided to continue their pregnancy. Our Patient Advocates will continue to reach out to Heather and Jessica, offering them support and encouragement.