Information on Abortion & Alternatives

Hearing the words, “You’re pregnant,” for many women brings fear instead of joy and leads some to consider abortion as a means of coping with an unexpected pregnancy. We are here to offer compassionate coaching and helpful information, such as: ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, abortion risks, procedures, and alternatives (adoption & parenting) and helpful resources in the community. All of these services are confidential and free. Our lay counselors are ready to help each woman make the best & healthiest decisions for herself & her baby

Save One Abortion Recovery Program/Counseling

Sadness, guilt, anger, regret, and depression are a few of the emotions that many women feel following their abortion. Most of these women suffer in silence—many turn to self-destructive behaviors to punish themselves for their abortion. Hope and healing await any post-abortive woman who calls. If you or someone you know would be interested in information about the Save One program, we would be glad to share it with you. Please give us a call.


(Choosing Healthy Option in Christ Especially with Sex)

We are excited about this special abstinence-based presentation to the youth of our area. Our staff has given this presentation to several youth groups with good reviews. One of the key aspects of the presentation is information out of the book entitled Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children. This presentation is designed to effectively guide our young people toward making healthy choices in their relationships through the middle and high school and college years in order to prepare them for success in their future marriages. Our staff would love to share this presentation (it can be modified for secular audiences) with your group or club… just give us a call.

Earn While You Learn Program

This is a program by which parents can receive needed baby items in exchange for their time and willingness to learn about one or more of the following topics: pregnancy, adoption, parenting, the Gospel according to John, abstinence, money management and men’s issues through the Men’s Fraternity program. By participating in the above way, a client is given “Mommy/Daddy Dollars” that can then be spent on baby items (i.e. diapers, crib, stroller, car seat and high chair). We are committed to helping our clients to be happy, healthy parents. We care about the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our clients. It is our hope that the Earn While You Learn Program will be helpful in each of these areas.